DUO Steffen Trekel & Michael Tröster

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Mandolin and Guitar



Steffen Trekel and Michael Tröster form a top ranking duo in this exquisite cast of chamber music musicians.
Their experience over many years in the field of chamber music in the most diverse casting of players has allowed this mandolin-guitar-duo to meld quickly into a very special unit. Their pure joy in musical expression and absolutely limitless technical possibilities on their instruments guarantee an intense musical experience.



NEW: Dedications

Duo Trekel-Tröster
New Music for Mandolin and Guitar

CD Thorofon

North to South

North to South

Music from America
Klassik, Jazz, Tango, Klezmer und Samba aus Nord-, Mittel- und Südamerika.
(CTH 2571) 2010

CD Thorofon

„en garde!“

Duo Trekel-Tröster, Mandoline und Gitarre

(CD Thorofon classics CTH 2469) 2006

Listen to sample: Moderato / "Back to Sirius" by A. C. Miguel